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Machine language: Every computer has a machine language of its own and accordingly a computer functions. Machine language is not fixed.Its varies from machine to machine. Programmes written in ma Machine chine language and they are only good for particular machine.

Uses of computer: Computer is a great use to renders a great service to man is like ALADIN’S magic lamp or magic wand.It has lessened our work loads and made our life easy and comfortable.It is used our daily life for various purposes.

In education: computer is media of education in the developed countries.The students of developed countries use computer to prepare their study meterials.They learn many things within shortest possible time.Results of various examinations are prepared accurately with the help of computer within the shortest span of time.

In medical science: Now a days in developed countries computer is used to diagnose a disease.A newer process of operation has been invented by computer.It is used to grind stones in normal pathological tests.

In agriculture: Today computer is used in the field of agriculture in the developed countries . A farmer of USA simply puts on the switch of computer and gets everything done.

In commerce: Now a days business , commerce and trade can not be thought of without computer .It does wonder. It is used to prepare documents , to make lists of goods , store information and to prepare budget etc. The value of currency and price of any share can be known instantly by the computer.

In printing: Today printing can not be thought of without computer. It is an indispensable part of printing . Thousands of books are composed with the help of computer within a very short time.

In industrial sector: In the developed countries computer is used to run mills, factories and industries. Trains and planes are run by the computer.

Source of income: Computer is a source of great income . Many developed and advanced countries export software and hardware and earn a lot.

Demerits: There Is no unmixed blessings on earth. Everything has its dark sites. Computer has its own Demerits too. It causes diseases like respective stress injury and weakens the eye sight of the operators.

Computer in Bangladesh: Of late computer has been computer introduced in Bangladesh. Many Government and none govt. offices are using computer.A course on computer has been introduced in secondary levels.The day is not far to come when computer s will be used in every sphere of life.

Conclusion: Computer is of great use to us . We can not go a single day without computers. It is a part and parcel in our daily life.

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