Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Amazing Device. How Much Gasoline Is Inserted In The Tank? Will Tell Your Mobile.

Amazing Device. How Much Gasoline Is Inserted In The Tank? Will Tell Your Mobile.

Amazing device. How much gasoline is inserted in the tank? Will tell your mobile.

Now the Datousole games will not be able to run on petrol and diesel pumps. For this, PhD students of the Mechanical Department of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) have invented a special kind of device (fuel quantifier). It can be installed in a car or bike tank. The nozzle of the petrol-diesel pump machine will be in the tank from the inside of the device. With this help, only the actual diesel-petrol will be detected in the tank. It has cost only Rs 1500 to 2000 rupees. The Institute has patented this research.

Devices made to check quality

Specialists of IIT are making a device to investigate adulteration in petrol and diesel. It has been named Fuel Quantifier Advance. The device has been tested in the lab. The process of patenting him is going on.

The device is designed in the angle size. It can be easily appliedin the tank. Experts say that the circuit can be connected to a blue tooth device or Wi-Fi. There is also a small battery in the circuit. Readings can come on mobile screens in a few moments. Can also be installed on a screen dashboard separately. The researcher said that the app is also preparing for launch.
Preparation for startup
Preparing for startup with the help of IIT's specialist device. There is also planning to open a company for this. Talking to Gurujram's car company The company has also done a survey of the device.

Does such work work?

The Fuel Quantifier device measures the oil per unit time. It measures the flow rate of oil. Whether the speed of going to the oil from the nozzle to the tank is fast or slow, it does not have any effect. Professor of Mechanical Department Under the supervision of Nachiketa Tiwari, PhD students Madhavrao Londhe and Mahendra Kumar Gohil have prepared the equipment. According to them the device has many sensors. First of all, the oil goes into the magnetic rotor. There are a number of negative and positive blades in it. The reading of the oil flow will move into the Micro Processor Unit as the blades rotate.

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