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How to Submit PAN Card Application Online

How to Submit PAN Card Application Online 

Our government has never been more digitally savvy than it is today, and that means that there are many important government functions that can be carried out online. A month ago, the government even launched a website to let all of us track the attendance of central government employees, and to see if they were arriving to work on time. With so many government services going digital, we believe that it’s important that our readers also know what can be done online, and how.

To start with, we’re taking you through the process of applying for a PAN card. In India, most important financial transactions require you to have a PAN card – it is used when opening a bank account, filing tax returns, or for financial transactions above Rs. 50,000. Having one of these cards is pretty much essential if you’re working and managing your own finances.

Applying for a PAN is simple, and you can fill the forms online, but you’ll have to mail your documents to the Income Tax PAN services offices to finalise the process. Once you fill up the form on the site and send your papers, the application is processed and the card shipped directly to your residential address.

In case you get stuck and need more information, then the helpline number (18001801961) is a good resource – when we got stuck on some of the details of the application, we gave them a call and found the service extremely helpful.

Step one is to get copies of the different documents you need to submit on your application.

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