Thursday, 25 October 2018

Redmi sell - Diwali dhama

Redmi sell - Diwali dhama

Diwali dhamaka sell by xiaomi
Today is the second day of Diwali cell of Shawmo. Xiaomi is also offered extremely attractive deals and offers from today. In the meantime, a cell with rupees one rupee is also organized.
Today, this cell will have an opportunity to buy Shawmi's popular smartphone Redmi Note 5 Pro for 1 rupee. Currently, this smartphone is sold at an initial price of Rs. 12,999.

On the first day of Diwali sale of Shawmi, the company sold Poco F1 smartphones at Rs. 20,999 for 1 rupee. Today, the mid-range smartphone Redmi Note 5 Pro will be priced at 1 rupee. During this period, 10 units of this smartphone will be present in the cell.

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