Thursday, 6 December 2018

facts about woman

facts about woman


facts about woman
Today, the status of women is rising in every country and women are given special status in society and culture. Without the women, the origins of worldly life can not be imagined. Today we will be amazed to know which of you are showing some interesting facts related to women

1. 1 pregnant woman dies every 90 seconds.

2. According to one survey, women speak about 20000 words in a day when they say only 13000 words if they admit men.

3. According to a survey, Indian women become more tempted after the age of 22.

4. You may have heard of this that women can not suppress anything in their minds and their authenticity is based on the fact that women can keep any special statement secret for at least 47 hours and at least 15 minutes.

5. Women is taken from the word wyfmen, which means - wife of men

6. The 20 most wealthy women in the world have become richer by becoming successors of their husbands or father's wealth.

7. Women take special care of their emotions and you will be surprised to know that one year of women's life goes through only in the thought of what I want to do today.

8. Women are more fond of eating men more versus men and women's tongue is able to taste more tastes than men.

9. Crying for women is his biggest weapon and you will be surprised to know that a woman cries about 30 to 64 times in a year. When they talk about men, they cry only for 6 to 17 times in a year

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