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Forest Department model paper - 18 with anwerkey

Forest Department model paper - 18 with anwerkey

In Hinduism, it is considered auspicious to keep tortoises in the house. Because, according to religious belief, a variant of Lord Vishnu is a tortoise. Lord Vishnu took the Mandranchal mountain on its shawl during the sea mud, since then it is the importance of keeping the turtle in the house.

Having Tortoise Benefits This Happens

It is believed that having a tortoise receives wealth. Tortoise is very beneficial for those who have extreme economic problems, if there is a thinner rupee.

Tortoise has long life expectancy, keeping home turtles in the house increases the life expectancy of all the members. There is no serious illness as well. Turtles are considered very good. Having a tortoise leads to success in a job or business.

If you keep the turtles in the house then nobody gets bad eyesight. If a silver turtle is kept in an office or shop before starting a new business, it gives a very good result. Tortoise is very important, so there is no home clash at home in the house where there are turtles. The family lives in a trench.

Tortoise is found in this place, auspicious fruit

Turtles get fruit better than at home. If the turtle is kept in the right direction then its fruit gets ineffective instead of benefiting it. Keeping turtles in the north is considered auspicious. Because the north is considered to be the direction of wealth. Lakshmi ji is always fond of turtle by filling the water in a container and keeping its mouth inside the house.

Where there is Shri Hari there, there is the mother Lakshmi, where the tortoises are kept, where Lakshmi resides. Such houses do not ever have a financial crunch. Family members live happily with each other. There is no disease.

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