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Gujarat Forest Department Forest Guard Question Paper (09-10-2016

Gujarat Forest Department Forest Guard Question Paper (09-10-2016]

Tension between India and Pakistan is not hidden from anyone. The relationship between the two countries has always been tense over the historical and political issues. Two of these issues are terrorism and Kashmir. There is no support from Pakistan on this date. However, now the United States has given a strong message to Pakistan and said that he supports everybody who has been trying to permanently immerse in PM Asia including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani and the United Nations.

The United States further said that if the war in Afghanistan is to end, the neighboring country will have to play an important role in the peace story with the Taliban. While welcoming Raksha Mantri Nirmala Sahtaran in Pentagon, Metis said this about the journalists' question.

Before this, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke on Kashmir issue and said that there is no need for war talks to resolve the issue of Kashmir. Unless a conversation is started, a different option for resolving the Kashmir issue can not be discussed. Let us tell you that Nirmala Sahaitan is on a five-day American tour. Among all this, India and the United States are pleased to quickly advance their defense and security relationship. This consent was made during the visit of Nirmala Sahtaran to American Defense Minister James Mattis.

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