Thursday, 6 December 2018



      The biggest disclosure by message in the locker paper scandal The largest paper leak scandal that runs in the country on the form of Organized Syndicate Crime at the bottom of the underworld. This is a team of Organized Syndicate Crime who scam in Gujarat.

      All members of this gang are genius. Technology is a must for use. Their contacts are in many states. They do not have to speed up any surveillance or any check till today.

      Their plan is so tremendous. In this Puri Kahani of Paper Kand, Gujarat Connection Yashpal of Delhi's Satir Gang, who co-ordinated Gujarat.

      After getting the students who bought the question papers from Gujarat, they were delivered to Delhi very clever planning. All were taken to Delhi in the absence of any smell.

      All these scandals were well known to all the planning of the scam was not successful in reaching Delhi alone. And that was the need for a great plan in Delhi too.

      And this devilish devil-minded scandal did much planning by mind. Scandals have made a great plan in Shatri. But, the thieves are just greedy.

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