Wednesday, 5 December 2018

South Indian Bank Recruitment for Probationary Officers (PO) Posts 2018

South Indian Bank Recruitment for Probationary Officers (PO) Posts 2018

Ultimately, the moment has come when the country's most weighty satellite, GSAT-11, has been launched. The satellite, 5854 kilograms, was launched on Wednesday morning by the European Space Agency, French Guyana. This is a Communication Satellite, which will help increase the speed of the Internet in the country. The satellite is so large that every solar panel is more than four meters long, though it is just like a big room.

Earlier this satellite was launched earlier this year. But due to a technical problem in the system, the Indian Space Agency called it back in April from French Guyana to check it. This decision was also taken against the failure of the GSAT-6A. However, around the year GSAT-6A was unregistered and soon after the launch of it on March 29 the contact broke up. GSAT-11 was decided not to launch at that time. GSAT-11 has been launched after several types of testing and investigation.

1. This satellite is called game changer for internet connectivity. After starting the satellite work, there will be a revolution in the internet speed. GSAT-11 will get broadband connectivity beyond 100 gigabytes per second.

2. GSAT-11 has 40 transponders in Ku-band and Ka-band frequencies. High bandwidth connectivity with up to 14 gigabyte / second data transfer speed is possible with its help.

3. The special feature of this satellite is that these beams are able to experiment several times, which can cover the whole country's geographical area. The earlier satellite launches were used in which Broad single beam was used, which is not so powerful enough to cover a large area.

4- GSAT-11 has four high-capacity throttatt satellites, which will provide broadband connectivity beyond 100 gigabytes per second in the country from next year. This satellite is a significant step in terms of internet revolution in rural Indi

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